About our CANs

We structure our work through working groups called CANs: Collaborative Action Networks.

Each CAN is organized around an important source of vulnerability for Coachella Valley residents. We identify our CAN organizing areas through a process of deep community learning and community prioritization, including extensive quantitative and qualitative data analysis to understand what residents need.

Our CANs bring together important stakeholders from across our region to work together toward collective change. CANs begin by establishing a common goal to make substantial change along this organizing issue at the population-level scale. In our Housing Stability CAN, for example, we work to ensure that all Coachella Valley families have access to safe, affordable and stable housing.

With our collective goal established, CAN partners work together to identify a quantifiable, population-level indicator. We use indicators as yardsticks that allow us to continually measure progress towards our goal as we build interventions to promote change.

Once we have developed our framework, our CANs work to promote change by creating and testing pilot interventions, and then scaling what works towards broader interventions that create impacts across the region. This process of continuous, evidence-based evaluation helps us constantly refine our strategies and ensure that we are achieving our intended results, towards a future where all Coachella Valley families are healthy, stable and thriving.


Housing Stability

Our Housing Stability CAN is dedicated to a future where all Coachella Valley families have access to safe, affordable and stable housing.



Our Health CAN works to reduce childhood obesity and to promote a healthier Coachella Valley.


Social Connection

Our Social Connection CAN helps build bridges and enhance connection across the different populations in the Coachella Valley.