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Lift to Rise works to address the underlying causes and consequences of poverty in Southern California’s Coachella Valley. We employ a collective impact frame, informed by deep community engagement, that fosters strategy to immediately stabilize conditions and simultaneously advance systems change. 

How do we create a better future for our families?

Our work intervenes in three different spaces that shape local opportunity: story, strength, and change.

  • We seek to uplift our region’s story: to reframe the local narrative surrounding poverty based on evidence and inclusive dialogue, to shape local policymaking and practice, and enable collective action.

  • We build local strength: to increase our collective ability to build and sustain social change over time.

  • Finally, we work to instigate meaningful change: to stabilize and support Coachella Valley families through the implementation, evaluation, and scaling of economic stability, housing, and health-related interventions.  

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Lift To Rise works to build cross-sector partnerships with nonprofit organizations, local government, and private-sector partners working on neighborhood-level work. We structure our activities through working groups known as Collaborative Action Networks (CANs) that use a “plan-do-study-act” framework of rapid improvement cycles. We identify key performance measures and outcomes within each CAN, and work with partners to design interventions that aim to make progress towards our outcome goals. Each CAN continually evaluates interventions and refines strategies to understand and scale what works—in order to build toward population-level change.

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Lift to Rise is comprised of several working groups (CANs), each with a specific role and focus. These groups communicate and collaborate with one another to advance systems change.

Our CANs use a results-oriented framework, deploying a plan-do-study-act framework of rapid improvement cycles. In this process, we identify key performance measures and outcomes to create ongoing learning toward achieving results.

We believe that by drawing on innovative strategies, fostering productive dialogue across our community toward collective action, and emphasizing a bias towards action throughout our work, we can—together—improve life for Coachella Valley residents.


Data underlies our entire approach. We use local data to identify gaps by race, gender and other differences to understand the needs of the most marginalized and vulnerable residents, and to design strategies to effectively target intervention. Partnerships use these findings as evidence to make decisions in real time, improve and scale practices, and target resources to support what works.

Lift To Rise partners are currently working to implement our multi-year action plan, to mobilize our partnerships and propel us towards achieving population-level results.


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